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Good News Club 

             WHAT IS A GOOD NEWS CLUB?

Good News Clubs are a ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship,

founded in 1937 and operating in 190 countries.

The door to ministry in public schools is wide open. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2001 that Good News Clubs can meet in public schools after school hours on the same terms as other community groups.

Each week the volunteer teachers present an exciting Bible lesson, songs, Scripture memorization, a missionary story, review games, action games, and a snack.

The purpose of the Good News Club is to evangelize the boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and disciple them in the Word of God and establish them in a local church.  Each club includes teaching to build character and to promote moral and spiritual growth.  

      Who Teaches the Club?

Christians who are concerned for the Spiritual well being of children teach the club.  These teachers receive specialized training from C.E.F

How to Volunteer

Contact Pastor Wayne Sheets- (858) 539-6287

Who can attend the club?

Good News Club is open to all boys and girls between the ages of five and twelve, regardless of religious background. Parents are encouraged to attend the club with their children.


There is no charge for any child to attend a Good News Club.


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