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Christian Youth in Action

What is Christian Youth in Action?

“Christian Youth in Action” (CYIA) is a missions program specifically designed for junior high and high school students.  CYIA provides training and ministry opportunities to prepare students to share the Gospel with children in their own communities by teaching a 5-Day Club, Vacation Bible School, Sunday School, and Awana.   For one week students attend a “training camp” or a college campus to learn the skill of storytelling, teaching memory verses, leading a child to Christ,   songs and games. After attending a week of training students return home to teach neighborhood children in a 5-Day Club or teach the children in their church. There is a cost to this training which depends on when and where the training takes place. 

Students serving in CYIA come from different church backgrounds throughout Southern California. They are a beautiful blend of color, interests, personalities, and talents. If you are interested in missions and would like to be a summer missionary this is the perfect program for you. 

CYIA maybe God’s answer to your prayers.

Call the office (619) 469-8593 for more information.


"I thank God for Christian Youth in Action!

The training I received and the friendships

I gained were great, but they are small

compared to leading a child to Jesus. 

This is a summer I will never forget!"

Erica, high school senior & first-year CYIA

summer missionary. 


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